Tuesday, January 26, 2010


here is yet another bonus track from his latest album. you know that album no one bought? they say his career is dead and it is beginning to look that way. maybe with sometime away and some maturity, he can regain some of what he had.


Anonymous said...

A terrible loss if you ask me, he truly is a great talent and yes he made a mistake but does that mean people should slap him on the cross and crucify him for the rest of his life????? NO! People make mistakes we all have and we all eventually learn from those mistakes, so i say hey let the man sing. He is good at what he does and i guarantee Rihanna or Chris don't want this subject to keep being brought up. She was humiliated by the experience and he was humbled by it, so on that not chose to forgive him the way you would want to be forgiven. Can't go wrong with that notion.

.:rhymez:. said...

i agree with you. we all make mistakes, definitely in relationships and he is still young so to expect him to have an epiphany is probably a huge and unrealistic expectation. it my hope that by giving him another chance will demonstrate that there is power in forgiveness from other people and from yourself. thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

i have actually been more impressed with how chris has handled the whole situation. he was wrong in the first place but after that he has kept his mouth shut and hasn't said anything bad about rihanna. on the other hand, rihanna does interviews and completely disses him. i don't want to know about what happened because it's a personal issue and should stay that way.