Wednesday, January 20, 2010


so this song was scheduled to be the 5th single from her debut album but was cancelled when slow dance failed to set radio on fire. here is the video that was shot and until now was unreleased. miss keri baby looks amazing. this song could have been a hit on radio had it just been given a chance. but i am sure that keri has more hits up her sleeve. 

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! This girl made 9 videos this year alone. DAMN..... Thats like two albums worth, although im not surprised about slow dance, i thought that was a risky move using that as a single but hey oh well. You ask me she should of kept the song hey girl with T-pain and released a deluxe edition of her album, it would of took the album to the next level. She is an amazing writer and im sure will see more from her this year. Too bad about this single, it is a good song and definitely would of been a hit then slow dance but oh well. Love you miss