Friday, January 29, 2010


before she was the fashion diva wilhelmina slater on the recently cancelled ugly betty, she was slaying the entertainment business by proving that success is the best revenge. after becoming the first black miss america in 1984, scandal forced her to relinquish her crown and many thought that was the end of her. fast forward four years later to 1988, she was one the hottest new r&b artists on the scene with a platinum selling album. she repeated the success in 1991 with her sophomore album the comfort zone with included the #1 pop record save the best for last. however, my fave tune was running back to you, the lead single from that album. this top 20 tune, especially it's accompanying video captured all of the sass, style and beauty that is miss vanessa.


Anonymous said...

oh god i love this song...... I remember jumping up and down to it in my room growing up. Lol

angellovef said...

she is AMAZING! i got to meet her recently at her CD signing event. Gorgeous!

Troy said...

Running Back To You. That's the video when Vanessa discovered waist length weave and wanted us to KNOW it, lol. Great song. Her bridge "rap" and the instrumental breakdown made us wanna DANCE. I can still remember listening to the cassette (ugh), didn't this song lead right into "Work To Do" THEN "Dreamin'"? That means you couldn't stop listening till those songs went off too. ...even when you were thirsty and needed to get to the store to buy a frosty Pepsi.