Friday, January 22, 2010


so one of my youth staff (who is 20) was going through my itunes library when she came across paula abdul and asked "paula abdul was a singer?" so after kicking her out my office, i looked into the mirror to remind myself just how old i was! it amazing that to that to young people, paula is famous for being a judge and not the superb entertainer she once was. while she often gets flack for lacking vocals skills, she certainly was no cassie. want proof, listen to this tune. the first single from her sophomore album spellbound, this song rocketed to the top of the chart. what many folks are not aware of is that the version that was released was the vocal she recorded for the demo. any who, samantha - paula was a singer and a hell of a dancer!


Anonymous said...

Please fire your staff. LOL!!! Now i feel old...... The little bitch, it wasn't that long ago that paula was a singer. lol.

Troy said...

This song was SO well written (and "acted"). "Rush Rush" was one of her singles that I had to buy (yeah I had the "album", cuz she was dance diva galore) but the single gave you a little more of her vocals. In an interview, Paula once said, before going in to record, her voice sounded better when she drank either a sprite or a 7-Up (1 0f the 2). She said it made her belch (clearing her throat for a fuller sound) then she was "good to go".