Tuesday, December 29, 2009

.:DSTM TOP 25 OF 2009:.

during the past year i have posted many, many songs. most of them i actually liked! so with the year coming to an end, i have compiled my top 25 favorite tunes of 2009. it was tough deciding which songs would make the list. but after a day of listening and re-listening to songs, i chose the songs that sound great every time i listen to them. so here is my list. share your thoughts. oh yeah, click the pic to listen and/or DL the song.
.:NO. 1:.

i am still baffled, confused and just pissed off that this song has yet catch fire. the hook is so catchy that it is sinful and the super sexy synth groove is unlike anything on radio now but just as fresh. no other artist or song of 2009 made having a broken heart sound so sexy and sweet. unfortunately, the video made having a broken heart look cheesy but that is forgiven because the song is just that good! hopefully, radio will give this song another listen because it needs to be heard by the masses. for this post i have posted the acoustic version.
.:NO 2:.

when mariah duets, it is seldom a cause for celebration, however, this one proved to be reason for jubilation! although not a major pop hit, this song provided the diva with a new and fresh r&b sound. this song also proved that the-dream could hold his own next to a powerhouse vocalist. now that's what makes him a great producer! released in march of this year, this song remains on my "current faves" ipod playlist.
.:NO 3:.

i was already in love with this man before hearing this song. honey, one listen to this absolutely beautiful song, i was obsessed! his talent as both singer and songwriter shine the brightest on this track that communicates both ultimate devotion and complete vulnerability. if you have yet to fall in love with this man, listen to this song and be ready to stand amazed and still...like a statue.
.:NO. 4:.

i know, i know, she is so hit or miss. but when she hits it, she slams it! while i was a huge fan of her debut album, in fact, the one song that i totally love by her was not even included on the proper release of the album. the hook - "it's almost sun down, i gotta put my foot down, but i know if i do, it's gonna hurt me more than it hurts you" really connected with me during a time when i was living out those lyrics. much like the ending of the song, i made the tough decision to walk away. this song reinforced that it was okay for me to choose me sometimes. 
.:NO. 5:.

unfortunately, the decision to not to include this song on her last album probably contributed to its lackluster performance. don't get me wrong, her album was already great, however several amazing songs were not included, including this one. produced by brian kennedy, this breakbeat ballad made scarring your ex's car sound like a healthy coping mechanism. my favorite line is "it's nothing that some paint won't fix, baby don't trip."  go 'head girlfriend!
.:NO. 6:.

i almost didn't give this song a chance. i saw it posted on many blogs, but the reviews were not so favorable, so i never gave the a song a listen. then one day, my curiosity got the best of me and i listened. thank god i did because this song rocks. while she may be limited in her vocal abilities, cheryl does her thang. oh yeah, don't even get me started about the cool ass music video.
.:NO. 7:.

i didn't give two craps about this chick before the release of this song. i think i might of actually wished her away. however, my mind was changed when i heard this song. maybe it is longing of a lost love, or maybe it is the laying down with another man -- two things i have done in the past year. whatever it was, this song proved that this chick was not a one trick pony and could belt a power ballad like the best of 'em.
.:NO. 8:.

although this song was released in the fall of 2008, it didn't catch my ear until u.s. radio began spinning the tune in the spring of this year. since then, it has been in current rotation on both my and my son's ipod. 
.:NO. 9:.

much like many of you, i thought this group could not top the ever haunting how to save a life. did they prove me wrong or what? this song is both equally as haunting and amazing as their breakout hit. now we wait and see if they can top this. my bet is that they can and will.
.:NO 10:.

my son gets credit for putting me on to this song. he knows every word and even tries to recreate the video. makes for interesting family get togethers. while this is my 10th fave song of 2009, it is my favorite video of the decade! i must have watched it 100 times. hmmm, maybe that is why my son thinks he is lady gaga! 
.:NO. 11:.

not many songs make me feel sexy, but this tune does the job done. 
.:NO 12:.

i am not even sure if he is signed to a label. which is a damn shame because this song is killah! 
.:NO. 13:.

so what this song totally rips off the melody of chris brown's forever, it just proves this siren from sweden knows a catchy melody when she hears one!
.:NO. 14:.

this australian artist took my blog by storm earlier this year and it all began with this 80's new wave throwback tune.
.:NO. 15:.

her much anticipated album is scheduled to see the light of day sometime in 2010. i am interested in hearing what she has in store because many of the project's songs have leaked. including this gem here, which is so good, it could have served as the lead single.
.:NO. 16:.

a year before the official release of her debut album, i told everyone who would listen to me that this young woman would make major moves. turns out that i was right, what i wasn't expecting was that the only album i would love of hers was her debut. while i may not have been a fan of her third album, i hated it, i did love this tune. too bad it was not a single, it would have given her wider audience and moved her into the world of a.c. pop radio. 
.:NO. 17:.

yeah, i can get a lil inspirational every now and then. i love me some mary mary. no other group makes gospel music as hip and relative as these two sisters. the song is both touching and powerful and had it received the same push as the god in me, it could have also been a massive r&b hit.
.:NO. 18:.

this lil eddie penned dance gem should have set the airwaves on fire. however, u.s. radio sucks and therefore good songs often go unheard. but not on this blog! holla!
.:NO. 19:.

this 15 year old from london wrote and produced this slammin' ass record. amazing, huh?
.:NO. 20:.

i joined twitter simply to follow these hot mamas. damn, i can not wait for their album to drop!
.:NO. 21:.

when i first heard throw it in the bag by fabolous featuring the-dream, i thought mariah would have been perfect for the hook. so naturally when i heard this joint, i was immediately in love. should be a single!
.:NO. 22:.

i love me some her and have since her debut in 1991. this year she returned with a killer ballad and like most of the songs on this list, radio has not given it a shot. did i mention that u.s. radio sucks!
.:NO. 23:.

yes, her voice is a mere shadow of what it used to be. yes, she is one breath from losin' her damn mind (but aren't we all?), but this song here is my grown and sexy jam of 2009. 
.:NO. 24:.

i seldom post latin music on this blog, but i am a big fan of bachata. that is mainly because my family refuses to dance to anything else! this song must have played a hundred times during my birthday party and since then it has been in my head. this is my good time-dancing with my cousins joint of the year!
.:NO. 25:.

i am a ashley breathe fan. the she fuses dance, pop and electro music has proven that she is more than just  a transgendered artist. she have shown the world that is a great artist.


angellovef said...

#10. Lady Gaga is my #1 for the year (maybe the decade!). That song is so infectious, I can listen to it over and over again and not get tired. Video is aight. LOL. Just kidding! Video takes us to a whole different level.

Anonymous said...

i never did get to hear that craig david one. his music has always been great but never got the respect from the people.