Friday, July 31, 2009

.:flashback friday:.

if you were a video soul addict like i was in the 90s, then you know about this group. one of the first acts signed to laface records, damian dame were coolest duo in r&b. while their pop success was limited, they did manage to score a pair of 20 hits on the r&b chart including the number one r&b hit exclusivity. the third and final single was my fave gotta learn my rhythm. i used to love this video and run the hell out of the cassette single. their 1992 debut album had a more than a few solid tunes and i am sure that their sophomore album would have been just as good. unfortunately, deah dame passed away in a fatal car accident in 1994 and damian succumbing to colon cancer in 1996. their music lives forever and this song still rocks!

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